Let’s Jump(suit) Into Summer 2015


My cousin and I wearing jumpsuits and chugging wine. Photo by// McKenna Booth

As a 5’10 woman (child), I have always had trouble wearing rompers and one-piece bathing suits. Something about the way they were made never matched my body type, long torso, and longer legs (I am mostly legs, like a frog, or a giraffe, whichever is cuter). But recently I have noticed a trend hitting the streets and workplace that I cannot ignore: JUMPSUITS.

Jumpsuits for work, jumpsuits for summer, jumpsuits for the beach, jumpsuits for nights out on the town, jumpsuits for everyone! And what is even more amazing is that they seem to be designed for my fellow 5’8 and taller ladies, with the right length and the perfect gathering at the waist. This is the perfect solution for the tall and lazy girls (I can’t be the only one) of the world. Just step in and you’re ready to go!

So easy to dress up or dress down, the jumpsuit trend isn’t one I see ending anytime soon, especially since we have seen them before in the time of our mothers, like most fashion, it is here for a second go around. What is so unique about them is that it gives a fashionable girl the ability to wear a power suit without the many pieces that go with it-which also saves money and adds comfort.

Even during the summer heat jumpsuits are great because they are airy and light, come in fun patterns like floral to match the season, and allow us girls to not have to shave our legs.

Here are some of my favorite jumpsuits right now, for every kind of occasion.

WORK: Gives coverage that is more appropriate for the office environment, and allows you to dress up more professionally. Add some nice heels and a blazer and no one will be able to stop you.

Revolve clothing- ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo

Abercrombie & Fitch (yes, them!)- Patterned Wrap Front Jumpsuit

Neiman Marcus- Cynthia Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit

PLAY: Whether you’re out to lunch or meeting friends for happy hour, these jumpsuits are a little more flirty and playful. Pair it with some strappy sandals or wedges and some dainty accessories.

Forever 21- Abstract Print Halter Jumpsuit

Faithful the Brand- Shutterbabe Jumpsuit

Bec And Bridge- Space Cadet Jumpsuit

NIGHT OUT: When the long work week is over and you’re ready to let off steam, going out with friends is exactly what you need, that and a party jumpsuit, which allows you to get wild while looking classy. Dress it up with some heels and chunky jewelry and all eyes will be on you.

For Love and Lemons- Summer Love Jumpsuit

Stone Cold Fox- Dylan Jumper

Asos- Missguided Tie Back


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