Fletcher: “War Paint” New Video + #WCW

About 2 weeks ago, up-and-coming pop star FLETCHER released her newest single “War Paint.” How it’s possible that this song didn’t immediately become a Top40 hit, I’m not sure. With a crazy perfect balance of elements, War Paint combines the subtle pop-country sounds of an early Taylor Swift with the catchiness (without the obnoxiousness) of a Meghan Trainor song, and the lyrical mastermind of a summer anthem (think of simple-but-powerful, something like Selena Gomez). Really, everything about the song is described easily in one word: “Yes.”

And today, “Yes” was enhanced by 1000 with the release of the “War Paint” video. Only mildly disappointing that there isn’t actually any war paint in the video (and you’ll notice immediately the “looking down and to the right” repetition), this video is seriously everything you could want from a music video debut- plenty of face time (we all over here are huge fans of her hair and her face and that dress and her voice and her, basically, and that’s why she’s our #WCW this week), some dancing and flashing lights, all wrapped up with the obligatory “confetti” scene.

This song is definitely on my “listen to on repeat without cease” playlist for the summer, and there’s really no good reason it shouldn’t be on yours too!

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