Song of the Day- HANA, “Avalanche” 7.9.2015

Just weeks after the release of her instantly popular “Clay,” mysterious singer-songwriter HANA has released a second and equally elusive single, “Avalanche.” Much like “Clay,” “Avalanche” is filled with minimal but emotive background sounds and dreamy, flowing vocals.

Not much has been revealed about HANA, she’s been linked to the producer Blood Diamond, as well as creative musical mastermind Grimes, but aside from her two current singles, she’s remained a relatively elusive voice. Luckily, NYLON reached out and scored an awesome interview with her. She talks about her move to California,

I was overwhelmed by how many people are there, and I was used to seeing people I knew at the grocery store.

her start in touring with her music,

I was just touring around the country in a van by myself, going from campus to campus, playing around 600 shows.

and the turning point in her musical career,

I really had never been super-stoked with my recorded music, so in talking to him I kind of had a realization of, “Okay, if I truly want to do this forever, I want to grow.”

So all of that being said, if you haven’t hopped on this train yet, I highly recommend that you do, so that way when her EP is released (she may or may not hint at one coming up) you’re properly prepared!

(Full interview with NYLON here.)

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