Movie Poster from Warner Bros. 2003

I’m not sure if #FlaskBackFriday is really taking off, but I would like to take a moment to appreciate the treasure that once was Amanda Bynes. Flipping through the channels yesterday evening I came across one of her better movies, What A Girl Wants.

This movie has it all. It is a perfect mix of teenage angst, romance, comedy, adventure, drama, SCANDAL, and best of all, hot Brits, I’m looking at you Colin Firth. I truly believe he doesn’t make a bad movie-or at least he makes a bad movie good. Bynes plays Daphne Reynolds who is on the search for her father whom her mother, Kelly Preston, left before she was born. The twist, her father, Firth, is a Lord in Britain who is also running for office. The last thing he needs is an AMERICAN daughter he knew nothing about! This is exactly WHAT A GIRL WANTS in a movie.

Wait, why am I telling you this, I know you’ve seen it.

Anyway, with an upbeat, totally early 2000 playlist, the early 2000 retro style (why??????), and the total cliche of having London Calling by The Clash playing when she first arrives in England, this movie is an instant classic for our generation. A quintessential fit for my preteens. And what’s better is that Bynes’ movies always cast hot no-names that we may never see again (besides you Channing Tatum– he was in her other hit, She’s The Man-we have been seeing a lot of you, and I mean A LOT OF YOU), so we spend hours upon hours Googling their names and making lists of what other movies the hottie has been in.

For What a Girl Wants’ love interest, Ian Wallace, played by the tall (? I’m only guessing), dark, handsome, and British, Oliver James, who hasn’t graced the big or silver screen much since this BLOCKBUSTER, Bynes’ empire couldn’t quite pull him out of the nonexistence state he was in. However, I, and many other girls (and guys ‘cus that’s cool) will always remember Ian Wallace, for his bad boy rock star image, and his moving line “Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you are born to stand out.” Umm I don’t know Ian, but I sure as hell am gunna stand out now you dreamy, accent-talking, hunk of man.

So thank you, Amanda, for always pulling through with some of the greatest movies growing up. Sorry to hear about the boat load of crazy that hit ya in the past years.

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