Honest Abe

While this isn’t necessarily new news, it’s definitely something that caught my eye in the world of politics and politicians today. In school, I majored in political science and also in history, and I’ve truly come to love Abraham Lincoln. Not in the way that most people do, because he “freed the slaves” and all that. No, because he was a generally honest man. He came from humble origins in Kentucky and worked his family’s farm until he was old enough to make it on his own as a young adult. He then moved to central Illinois where he made his living as a very good lawyer. He settled around Springfield, the capital, but he was known in other urban centers as well. this includes my current hometown of Bloomington, IL! He actually had a law office downtown which still stands today. Today while jogging, I noticed a plaque that I hadn’t before.

Evidently, in 1848 a local businessman was being sued over a patent and hired Lincoln to defend him. Two years later, Lincoln’s team won that case, and only charged his client $10 for the trouble. The businessman offered more, but said “nothing could induce him to take more.” If that’s not a class act, I don’t know what is. If every politician today would take a little less for themselves, I think think we’d have a very different Congress.


(Photo taken on July 15, 2015 by Michelle Suhi)

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