“The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.” – Amy Poehler

Two months ago, I was in self-inflicted purgatory. I was spending all my time thinking about what I really wanted to do instead of actually doing it. I was afraid to take risks- afraid to trust myself and the process. But even more so, I became afraid of what would happen to me if I didn’t make a change. Life is too short not to be on fire for it. So, I finally took the jump.  I quit my job.

I did the thing.

I had known that my job was not a good fit for me for a long time. And the overall effect it had on my daily life and morale could not be ignored. It took months, but after making such a huge jump into the oblivion by finally quitting that job with nothing even lined up for me, I started to trust myself and engaged in more doing than thinking. And almost magically, every other decision in my life became easy.

I stopped talking about how much I wanted to visit my friend in NYC and I shut up and booked a flight to New York.

NYC Adventures

I did the thing.

I broke my lease, packed up all my shit and moved into a bigger place in a better neighborhood.

I did the thing.

I negotiated a job offer, and signed up for my own health insurance and 401k.

I did the thing.

I decided to stop wondering about if my crush liked me back or not and just asked. I sent him this:


I did the thing.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself for not being able to run distances and committed to a running plan by signing up to run the Chicago Half Marathon in September.

I did the thing.

I became adamant on performing stand-up and now do as many as 5 open mics a week. I don’t even think about it anymore, I just DO it. I even got on the list for the Laugh Factory.

I did the thing.

In the last two months I feel as though I’ve lived more than I have in the last 5 years. All these things happened because I slapped a piece of duct tape over the little voice in my head that says “Oh! But look at all the bad things that could happen if you do this thing! You might be embarrassed. You might be homeless. Better to stay safe than sorry.”


But if I stay “safe,” then I am sorry. Because I’m not living. I’m talking about living, I’m thinking about living, but I’m not actually living unless I’m doing. And yeah, not everything turned out exactly how I wanted it to. But so many things turned out even better. The truth is, you never know for sure what could happen until you do it.

Just Do It GIF

What have you always wanted to do but just haven’t yet? Tell me in the comments!


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