Groovin’: Top 5 New Tracks for the Weekend

“Rivers” by Thomas Jack

The debut from this artist, Thomas Jack releases a single that sounds like it could be on Avicii’s record. So take your pants off after a long day of work, blast this song, and dance like a maniac in your room.

“Gone” by Jr. Jr.

I’m only nearly positive, but Jr. Jr. seems to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr’s new moniker (“James Dean,” “Simple Girl“). Regardless of who he really is, his newest release “Gone” will have you finger tapping, head bobbing, and singing loudly in your car all weekend.

“As a Bell” by Ofelia K

After her release of “White T-Shirt” I’ve been eagerly waiting for more from this rising star. “As a Bell” is everything you need for a chill weekend- quirky sounds, silky up-beat lyrics, and rhythm that picks up throughout the song will have you doing whatever it is you do on the weekend, but better.


“Thunderhearts” by Cold War Kids

It’s been a long wait for a new release by the “Miracle Mile” artists, Cold War Kids, but it was a wait well worth the wait (wait). True to their existing sound, “Thunderhearts” features raw vocals, some radical guitar and synth, and an uplifting set of lyrics.


“Wasn’t Expecting That” by Jamie Lawson

And finally, the song you can fall asleep happy to, this acoustic beauty of a love song features gentle vocals, guitar, piano, and lyrics every girl would kill for (think Ed Sheeran, like possibly singing twins, for real) (collaboration, please?).

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