“Girls Your Age” by Transviolet

Everyone I know went through a rebellious stage sometime in their teens (“Bad boy talking fast, talking dirty…”). Sometimes it was high school, but for a lot of us, it was in our late teens, once the freedom of college was upon us. New experiences to experience, lessons to learn, and rules to break, and all of it happens in this sort of alcohol and drug-induced haze. However, life goes on, it begins to pick up, and you start to catch on (“Girls your age, never mean what they say…”). But even at the end of it, when you leave and are deemed ‘adult,’ you’re not quite sure what’s going on, and you continue to make mistakes, and learn from them (“Live fast while you’re young, honey, don’t go chasing love…”).

This song may be the purest embodiment of this phase. Hazy, raw, to-the-point lyrics, and a beat that starts with the simplest background vocal, and eventually picks up, but not to the point of being overwhelmingly pop. The lyrics are unapologetically full of youthful naiveté and don’t pretend to be anything but (“He tells me that I’m hot so I tell him that I love him…”). I don’t want to dance to this song, I just want to listen to it over and over. It has an ending, but you can tell it’s not quite the ending you’re ready for, or had hoped for, and life will go on (“I’ve got a renegade heart…”).

“Girls Your Age” is the debut single from L.A. based foursome Transviolet.


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