DesigNspiration: Street Art

One of the best parts of Los Angeles is the slew of street art littering the entire city. In a fashion that almost rivals the museums and galleries that draw people to LA in hoards, the street art is a constant and bearing presence. It has the power to move you, to make you laugh, to spark thought, to force you to action, to ignite feelings, or even to buy things. Some appear out of nowhere and hit you so hard you have to stop walking, and some are large and masterful works of fine art. Some are easily missed, and rightfully so. Those of us who find the smallest and most hidden of gems receive the highest reward. Lots of pieces are iconic photo stops for tourists, and many are done by well-known artists.

I probably spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about the pieces I see, but to do otherwise would be a disservice to the artist. Some pieces are probably not meant to be art, but they’re still an expression. Art isn’t always meant to be beautiful, it’s meant to make you feel something, and so many street scribblings do.

I have, in my short time in LA thus far, collected a handful of my favorite and most memorable scenes, hover over each image above for descriptions and locations.

(If you’re familiar with the artists, please let me know who they are so I can add attribution if wanted!)

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