Isle Royale “Undertow”

If you’ve ever spent a summer, or a portion of a summer, in Minnesota, you understand fully the idea of the “lake life.” You spend all 9 months of winter daydreaming about it. Because there’s something about being near water, surrounded by dense trees, cicadas buzzing in the distance, the heavy humidity clinging to every inch of you, and being able to look out over the stillness of the lake, that is eternally peaceful. I often find myself, now living near the ocean– which is full of life, and has it’s own, much different meditative qualities– reminiscing about the hushed tranquility being lakeside brought. The long days of quiet walks through the woods turn into dark nights spent under a blanket of stars, which you always thought, if you looked hard enough, you could see other galaxies in. The memory of nights like that are almost enough to carry you through another winter.

Isle Royale’s debut, “Undertow,” perfectly ensnares the essence of those days, when 17 hours of daylight seemed to fly by in a single blink. Ambient waves of choral background sounds, dreamy vocals, and just enough pick-me-up to add some traction, “Undertow” is a song I wish I had when I still lived up north.

I find myself drawn to it over and over, and it makes me long for my Minnesota home. Look forward to seeing what else Isle Royale will release.

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