Outfit of the Day 7.23.15 A Little Bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll


I don’t know how to pose and also someone was coming down the hall. Photo // McKenna Booth

I call today’s look, “A little Bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I paired my Beatles tank-tied up in the front into a knot, with my leather jacket and a turquoise statement necklace (my pop of color!) all from Forever 21. I know I am 24, but the store name says I can be 21 forever if I want.

On the bottom, I wore a Beulah Style long skater skirt ($20 from Marshall’s, booyah), and my tan strapped open-toes heels from Cathy Jean. The skirt is awesome because it is flirty and fun but it also has the ability to work with many different styles- rock and roll, girly, flirty, and paired with a button up, business-y.

Each day it is a constant struggle for me to figure out what I want to wear to the office. It is a business casual setting with little to no differentiation between what the men and women all wear (except for you Rodolfo, you got style my man) and it all tends to get a little boring. Black and plaids, black and stripes, everyday, except Fridays where we all get to dress in casual clothes.

I like to think of myself as a tasteful dresser (not always, we all make mistakes ok) who is a bit of a chameleon when it comes to the styles I like and wear. Most days, I like to have bursts of color, some days it looks like I just woke up. But recently, I have made a decision to put more effort into how I look, which weirdly, makes me want to work harder while on the clock.

Today I spent a little extra time picking out my clothes and tending to my make up (which of course you can’t really see in the photo), I even sported some maroon lipstick-which came off immediately after I ate my peach. My foundation is Revlon and I bought it at Target, my eyeshadow pallete is a general one from Sephora, my bronzer is Hoola by Benefit, and my mascara is a brand I can’t remember right now but it works like a dream, thickening and lengthening my lashes. I don’t pretend to be a pro with make-up, but all these products work well for me and aren’t insanely pricey!

So there you have it! If there are any questions about where to get anything I am wearing, feel free to ask in a comment.

Also- sorry the pictures aren’t the best, I was sneaking them at work, like a badass, ‘cus this outfit makes me feel like a badass bitch. Just missing some knuckle rings.


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