Bag Raiders “Waterfalls” EP

“At this time the train is experiencing a mechanical malfunction. We’re going to have to ask everyone to exit the train at this time.”

The collective groan of the entire train could probably be heard from Downtown, where the train was headed, but had mysteriously shut off about half-way en route. We were directed off the train, across the station to the opposite platform, back to the original platform, and then onto an already nearly full train. Taking public transportation is never a positively fulfilling experience to begin with, and the grumbling about this (albeit rare) delay and inconvenience probably registered on LA’s Richter Scale as a small earthquake centered at Expo Park.

The whole time this fiasco ensued, I was lost in a completely different world. In my mind I was doing something like… Dancing on a cool misty cloud (train) holding a large can of Foster’s (coffee), wearing some flower necklaces (or not), floating through the Outback (outskirts of DTLA) with more Foster’s (second coffee), petting some kangaroos and emus (strangers brushing against me), taking a break to surf (walking up the stairs), and then for some reason, actually enjoying Vegemite (it was a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, that’s probably why).

Now, in case you couldn’t tell by that dashing description, in my mind, I was in Australia. I’ve (obviously?) never been to Australia, but I imagine that if I ever went, it would ensue exactly as I described above. However, in the meantime, Bag Raiders exists. They’ve been putting out music for years now, but their latest release, “Waterfalls” EP, is the most Australian thing to come out of Australia since spiders the size of toilet seats. It’s tropical, sexy, overwhelmingly upbeat, and if it can get me through a train delay without batting an eye (except at those hunky Australians standing over there (Metro officers)) I believe it can do about anything.

Happy Hump Day, everyone, and let’s make it through 3 more days by floating on a cloud through the Outback.

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