Outfit of the Day 7.29.15 I’m Seeing RED


“Quick, take it before anyone sees!”- Me, right now

I always love a POP of color so today I chose red. Outside is a bit gloomy today, so I thought that a bright color might make my morning a little better. And to compliment the lips, I had to put loud shoes on my feet. Also, my hair looked better an hour ago…

My main advice for anyone who has to wear more business-type clothing, always add a small touch of color. It adds to the overall aesthetic of an outfit. Especially when working with more neutral colors like white, black, & denim.

I love this dress. It is tight enough to show I am a woman, but long enough to show I am also a lady. It also looks great on my tush but I couldn’t get that photo. Its stretchy, almost bathing suit material, makes it easy to move around in & gives me some breathing room after I eat a big lunch… So easily dressed up or down, this dress is a must-have in any closet.

HAPPY NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAY! The red lipstick completes the outfit & is a good excuse to smolder all day. There is something about red lipstick that makes me, & I assume other women, feel like I can take on the world, & dominate it.

I also suggest everyone get a denim jacket. Not only can it go with ANYTHING I want to wear, it can make an outfit feel a little more casual- like you just threw it all together last minute & you’re very nonchalant about your clothes & you’re just naturally stylish without trying & you #wokeuplikethis.

Have fun when you’re putting an outfit together. Fashion is supposed to be exciting & allows you to express yourself!


Dress from Express (not sold anymore but link opens to one similar-even cuter actually!)

Shoes from Old Navy (I know, right! But no longer sold)

Jacket from American Eagle

Watch from Betsy Johnson

Bangle from Kate Spade at Nordstrom

Lipstick in shade Tomato from Forever 21

Peace sign from me

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