Tom Misch “In The Midst Of It All (feat. Sam Wills)”

You get off work Friday and the second you walk in the door of your apartment you crack open a cold one, take your pants off, call your friends, put your pants back on, and before you know it you’re too many beers (and how many Fireball shots!?) deep and passed out in bed. You wake up early Saturday morning to go hiking, then get a late lunch with friends, which turns into heavy drinking at the next-door bar, and before you know it, it’s 2AM and you’re eating a breakfast burrito from the food truck on Venice. You drag yourself out of bed to get a boozy brunch with your other friends, who aren’t hungover, and manage not to pass out on your French toast long enough to wearily drive home and collapse in a heap into your bed.

When you wake up from the deep Sunday afternoon sleep, you’re thoroughly convinced you’re not going to make it back out of bed until you’re about to pee yourself, or die of starvation (dehydration more likely) but the remote control for the TV is all the way across the room. You stare blankly at the ceiling wondering what sort of wrong you’ve done to be put in this situation, until your parents call and you talk on the phone until you are starving and then you force yourself out of bed to make a sandwich. By the time you’ve slugged through the whole process, it’s time for bed.

You wake up and your first thought is, “Oh shit, it’s Monday. But at least I have this rad song to get me through the day.” Wait, you didn’t think that? Oh, that’s right, because I haven’t shared the rad song with you, yet.

It’s called “In The Midst Of It All” and it’s a brand new collaboration between Tom Misch and Sam Wills, and it’s going to carry you through this Monday, single-handedly.

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