KAPTAN “Everything”

It’s Tuesday, work has you doing the same repetitive motion for 9 straight hours today, there’s still at least 30 minutes before it’s socially acceptable to eat lunch, the train smelled like @$$ this morning (and now you think you might too), it was already 80 degrees when you left the house to walk to work and now you’re sure it’s over 90, some homeless man grunted profanities at you from the bus stop, and you almost got hit by a car crossing the street earlier.

But all of that, and all the other terrible things that have ever happened to you, ever, are now obsolete. Out of the picture. Just, gone. And that’s because KAPTAN has released a new single called “Everything” and it is, honestly, everything. Everything positive and cheerful and reaffirming and sparkly and beautiful and happy and nice in the world has been encased in this gem of a song.

The world is suddenly shimmering a little brighter today.

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