Glass Animals “Gold Lime”

This newest release from Glass Animals is seriously next level groovy. From their Sound Cloud page:

So on the 9th August we are playing the Central Park SummerStage in New York…and because its such an exciting moment for us all, we decided to take a song from a New York band that we love, and then Glass Animalsify it…

…then we thought…why do a cover of one song when you can cover two at the same time?

so here it is! its called Gold Lime

and its a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Erykah Badu. simultaneously.

p.s. we know erykah badu is not from new york. but she’s awesome.

I don’t know what a gold lime is (a lemon? is this code for a lemon?) but this track is a rare form of earworm that you can easily play on repeat for, like, ever. My recommendation? If you’re in New York, go see this show, it sounds like it’s going to be seriously sensational.

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