5 Songs for the Weekend 8.7.2015

Here’s your 5 songs for the weekend of 8.7.2015, by stereotypical weekend scenario.


Keeva “Desired Plan” For that one last moment of serene, meditative silence before all your friends arrive for the long-anticipated dinner party (and you know they always get wild).


J Motor “Jungle Daze” For waking up early on Saturday morning, picking up after said dinner party, making breakfast burritos and Peach Fizzles, and sitting by the window admiring the glorious morning.


Mating Ritual “I Wear Glasses” Obligatory “bottle of wine in hand, messy hair and sweatpants, dancing with the cat and knocking things over” song.


Satchmode “Never Gonna Take You Back” For after that OK Cupid coffee date with the guy who didn’t look anything like his pictures and spent the whole date apologizing for being over an hour late (because he “didn’t remember picking a time”).


GIRL FRIEND “Arrive Alone Leave Alone” For when you really want to go out dancing but none of your friends dig it as much as you do, so you just walk over to the dive bar next door and tear that shit up, solo. No, creepy old guy, I don’t want a drink from you, and I will not be dancing with you, either. Peace.


Listen to these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze on our Sound Cloud playlist here.


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