Peach Fizzle, the Cocktail of the Moment 8.7.2015

It’s Friday. And if you’re thinking about anything but what you’re going to do the second you leave work today, I’m calling your bluff. I know what I’m doing, and that’s racing home and making myself a drink then enjoying it on the front porch with this book I’ve been trying to read now for days.

“But, what ever are you drinking, Tory?”

That, friends, is a great question. This weekend I’m channeling some tropical summery vibes with a drink I have decided to name the Peach Fizzle. But let’s be honest, when I’m talking about it, it’ll just turn into “that one drink with the champagne and mango stuff.”

The cocktail recipe came to be like most kitchen endeavors I attempt. I found a recipe for a different drink, got to the store, realized immediately that I was in over my head, and instead purchased a collection of (much cheaper) very random items. Andre was on sale for $4.50. Don’t judge me.

IMG_20150806_190910The Peach Fizzle


Champagne (I used Andre Brut)

Peach Schnapps

Mango Nectar


I added equal parts champagne and schnapps, with a dash of the nectar (it’s really sweet). I was also feeling ambitious so I sliced some peaches for the photo. I’m allergic to real peaches so I didn’t eat it. Bonus photo with the insane cat included. 30 seconds after taking this picture it jumped up and scaled that entire screen on the window, and tried to hang from the curtain rod and chew the string lights hanging from the ceiling. And yes, the IKEA price tag is still on the glass. Guess what? That doesn’t affect the way the drink tastes at all. Cool, huh?



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