Kygo “Piano Jam”

It took me a long time to really appreciate Kygo. For some reason his early remixes never sold me on his sound, and it really wasn’t until his release of “Stole the Show” earlier this year that I gave him a serious second chance. And of course, upon further inspection, I loved everything about his music. He possesses this rare ability to take the same noises and use them over and over, but never create the same thing twice. A lot of artists really, really lack this skill today.

So I was working last week, listening to Hype Machine per usual, and this piano song started playing. Kind of unusual for the Popular List, but not an unwelcome surprise. The song continued, a beautiful, floating piano melody, and then these sort of ambient electronic sounds started. Nothing overpowering or distracting, and they picked up, and then the racing but not rushed violins started, and then the whole thing lulled back into silence.

I stopped working less than halfway through and just sort of drooled on the keyboard staring blankly at the screen for a while, listening to this… this… masterpiece. It wasn’t until the next song started playing that I rushed back to Hype and frantically clicked ‘back.’

Kygo, “Piano Jam.”

I don’t think there’s anything else to say about it, except that you should listen to it. It’s a jam, on a piano, and it’s the most rad thing you’ll hear all day.

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