The elephant in the room


Donald Trump.

This man is favored by 24% of republican voters according to the latest CNN/ORC Poll taken last week.

Can someone please explain to me: WHY?

Does it not scare anyone else that a man with no filter and a serious lack of affection towards immigrants and women could potentially become the republican nominee, and possibly PRESIDENT?

I have this theory. It’s no secret that the majority of republicans dislike President Obama. Heck, even some democrats are unhappy with his work in the Oval Office. It almost seems as if  this hatred has transferred into pure support for Mr. Trump. And I think people are actually a fan of the fact that he has no filter.  When my fiance and I discussed this last night, he said it plainly: “he’s taking politics out of politics.” In an era where people don’t necessarily trust Congress of even the government as a whole, he is telling it like it is…and that can be very attractive to cynical voters.

But worry not my friends, I’m not quite sure we will have a president that could lay off his staff with two words: “you’re fired.” Statistically and historically, all frontrunners the summer before the actual election (this time: November 2016) almost NEVER become their party’s nominees. According to the New York Times, Mitt Romney was down 12 points behind Texas governor Rick Perry the summer before the 2012 election. But soon, his numbers nosedived – he didn’t win a single delegate at the nominating convention. Same thing happened to Rudy Giuliani (previous mayor of New York City) in 2007. Additionally, poll respondents can overestimate their likelihood to vote. For example, 60% of respondents could day they “definitely” plan to vote, but only 40% of them actually turn out, as said by this NY Times article. So Trump supporters might not get out and vote.

But honestly, these poll numbers are something of concern. Considering there are 17 current candidates running for the republican ticket,  he is single-handedly winning over a huge chunk of the polling field. For more information about these fine people, check out my previous post.

What do YOU ALL think of Donald Trump? Would you consider voting for him? Comment with your opinions, I’d love to hear from you! Or tweet me at @the_sundaze or @michellesuhi.



  • Julia says:

    I definitely wouldn’t vote for him, but I think that he has so much support because America (myself included) are tired of political correctness. He definitely is not politically correct, and in some ways it is refreshing. Though I don’t agree with a lot of his views he is straight forward and very honest. Though he is selfish and I don’t think would make a good president. But I think that’s why he has so much support. He is definitely starting good conversations!

  • Judy says:

    i think that much of the American public is more interested in being entertained than it should be. There is a lack of belief in our mortality as a super power nation. Trump would be a horrible president! He is self-centered, impulsive, and prejudiced. These are all of the things that the American public finds entertaining. Hopefully people wake up and realize that the leader of the free world has to be much more than entertaining.

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