5 Songs for the Weekend 7.21.2015

Here’s your 5 songs for the weekend of 7.21.2015. Stream these songs, as well as the rest of the music featured on The Sundaze on our Sound Cloud playlist, here.


thesweethurt “Look Right At Me” (feat. Inga Roberts) For when you’re laying down for your contemplative Friday evening meditation nap; the calm before the storm.


Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux “Wild Mustang” (feat. Becky G) For when you’re gearing up for a night on the town with your besties and you’re mentally preparing yourself to cause some trouble because you’re badasses to the max, or, the obligatory “bottle of wine in hand, messy hair and sweatpants, dancing with the cat and knocking things over” song.


Micky Blue “Champagne Reign” For when you’ve drank just a bit too much and you’re beginning to dance on the tables and think about the things you were drinking to forget in the first place, but then you remember you still have champagne and so you keep dancing.


Mackenzie Thoms “Conviction” For when you’re stuck thinking about that special someone and you’re just over everything about them, or are you? You definitely are. Are you sure? Yes, sure. But…


Idgy Dean “Ominous Harminus” For when it’s Sunday night and you’ve just remember that that means tomorrow is Monday and you need a dark, velvety, and intense song to brood and fume to as you collect yourself for another week of work.


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