Unlimited samples of over 100 craft beers.

The sentence above. It gets you into trouble. But it was all worth it!

On Saturday night I got to attend the Huntington Beach Beer Festival. With over 100 beers and unlimited samples, I knew that I would need to pace myself, and pace myself i did not. From what I recall, the 2 beers and 1 cider below were my favorite tastes.

Julian Hard Cider- American to the Core 14a22c_ca9048e51ab84a8f8d39b7987f3363e9.png_srb_p_603_621_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

I LOVE cider. Maybe because I LOVE juice and that’s what it tastes like to me. With the same alcohol content as most beers (sometimes even more) cider is a tasty treat that you can get drunk off of. The cider had an 6.99% ABV (alcohol by volume).

I tried the Black and Blue. The color resembled that of grape juice. This 100% natural hard cider is infused with (you guessed it) the juice of American-grown, sustainably farmed blackberries and blueberries. This adds a little tartness and ends with a nice kick, all while tasting like a nice cold glass of juice.

For some, it might be a little too sweet and I definitely couldn’t drink more than one pint of it in a night, but it was a good start to the night.

Ninkasi Brewing- Perpetuate Better Living14a22c_81494a8d1adb4bf58bf1a6e1c044c51d.jpg_srb_p_969_969_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

I have had Ninkasi before and always liked the taste, but this time around I tried their red ale, Dawn of the Red. I was a huge fan! It tasted again like JUICE! Maybe because it has a fruity backbone including papaya, mango, and pineapple.

This beer, with its 7.0% ABV, is easily one of my new favorites. It has a malty aspect to it so it is a little richer than the usual beers I enjoy, but the red ale is now one that I will drink more of!

Saint Archer14a22c_9c2ba35fd5007753af082ad83f9fdfe9.png_srb_p_600_574_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Ok- so at this point I am pretty deep into my tastings, so names of beers are getting a little fuzzy- BUT, I know that I liked Saint Archer, I liked it so much I got two tastes right up front.

I believe I tried the Blonde Ale. I usually go for the lighter beers for a multitude of reasons, including a) it goes down easier, b) it is less filling, thus allowing me to drink more, and c) it has been said blondes have more fun and I wanted to see if it was true (its not, I scienced the shit out of it and brunettes will always be more fun).

Anyway, backs to the beer. Like I said, I got two tastes one right after the other because it was so easy to drink. It was crisp and refreshing, and had a lower alcohol content (at 4.8% ABV), which was a good idea for me.

Along with the great beers, there was live music for us to enjoy! Although, the bands were a little late to start- there were three bands to play sets in a 3 hour window and they didn’t start until about an hour in- the atmosphere transformed with the first few chords of the guitar.

The first band up was the Red NOT Chili Peppers– the not looked like hot on the poster and I thought I was seeing the real band for a second and my excitement level shot through the roof. They played a few songs and they were good! The lead singer even sounded very much like Anthony Kiedis.

Alien Ant Farm was there performing as well,which was awesome! It was one of those bands you sort of forgot about but as soon as they played their first song it all came rushing back to you. And what was even better, was watching the crowd when they came on. Some were typical concert-goers, jumping up and down, but then you had some who were truly feeling the music, I mean like, letting it go right through them into their soul and letting it take lead in their dance moves.

The third performer was Eyes Set To Kill. I had never heard of them and I don’t remember hearing one song from them, so I have no opinion. Sorry ladies.

Overall, I give this beerfest a 4/5. It had a great line-up of beer, none that I could tell ran out of supply, and fun entertainment. The venue was cool too, it was held at the driving range at Meadowlark Golf Club. It also had an array of food trucks, which I didn’t try, but it is nice when these fests have food available-god knows people will need it!

PS. I also one a free pint bottle of beer, I can’t remember the brewery name, because I made a ping pong ball into a cup… with my left hand… without knowing that it was a game, so, go me?



All logos are from the Huntington Beer Festival website.



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