5 Songs for the Weekend 8.28.2015

Here’s your 5 songs for the weekend of 7.21.2015. Stream these songs, as well as the rest of the music featured on The Sundaze on our Sound Cloud playlist, here.


World Champion “Avocado Galaxy” For when you’re leaving work on Friday and you want something groovy to strut the down street to so people know you’re ready for the weekend. (Or you’re eating avocados and you need something to listen to that’s relevant and parallel to your current state of being).



Castlecomer “Fire Alarm” For when you’re cleaning your apartment and you need something to dance with the vacuum cleaner to.



Transviolet “Bloodstream” For when you’re finally ready to admit to the person you’ve been hanging out with that you’re madly in love with them and you need to get your fiercest words ready. (BONUS: This is Transviolet’s second single, the first, “Girls Your Age” was our song of the day way back when, listen to it here).



KORALLREVEN “Here in Iowa” For that late night drive home, coasting down PCH, tracking the headlights speeding past you in the other direction, pondering the meaning of life, watching the waves glittering in the moonlight, and taking deep breaths after a long day.



LÉON “Nobody Cares” For when it’s late at night, but you’re not tired, and your mind is racing trying to decide if this was all your fault, their fault, or just the universe in despaired motion. (BONUS: This is LÉON’s second single, the first, “Tired of Talking” was our song of the day way back when, listen to it here).

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