Remix Wednesday 9.2.2015

It’s the beginning of September, and you’re worried no one’s going to wake you up when September ends, so you’ve actually been awake this whole time waiting to see if someone was ever going to come wake you up at the end. Whatever. It’s a Wednesday and in The Sundaze World that means we’ve got 5 groovy remixes for you to celebrate with (or be positively miserable to, it’s your prerogative). Enjoi.

Charlie Puth “Marvin Gaye” ft. Meghan Trainor (DJ Kue Remix) For when you’re worried you’re going to sleep through your alarm after the club went up on a Tuesday, so you need some super deep bass as your wake-up song on Wednesday.


Léon “Tired of Talking” (Skizzy Mars “Changes” Remix) For when a song gives you such strong feelings you can’t help but make it your own. We have reported on all of Léon’s music so far (here and here) and Skizzy Mars is the absolute man. He’s right. We needed to hear this.


Panama “Jungle” (Motez Remix) For when you’re taking the train in the morning, really just trying to avoid eye contact with everyone, and you need something with some dreamy but upbeat vibes to keep you awake but not too perky looking.



Caribou “Can’t Do Without You” (Manila Killa & Kidswaste Cover) For when you need a song for your friends where they’ll say, “Hey, isn’t this…” and you can shove it down their pieholes because that was so last summer and this is now. (Disclaimer: Caribou’s 2014 album will actually never go out of style, and this is a cover, not a remix, but we thought it deserved a special place here anyway. Get upset about it. Go ahead.)


RÜFÜS “You Were Right” (Nora En Pure Remix) For when you’re nearing completion of your long run after work and you need just the right about of bounce and beat to carry you through the final steps.



You can listen to all of the Remix Wednesday songs, as well as the rest of the music we write about, on The Sundaze’s official Sound Cloud playlist, here.

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