Remix Wednesday 9.9.2015

So we’ve all survived Labor Day, we’ve burned all our white pants, we’ve eaten all the BBQ and we’ve drank all the beers. Tuesday was a rude awakening that work in fact does continue after we celebrate the fruits of our labor, and Wednesday is gearing up to be little or no better. But wait, what’s this? It’s Wednesday so that must mean… 5 remixes brought directly to your headphones from The Sundaze? Well then, I guess Wednesdays aren’t so bad after all.


Swimm “Wanderer” (Big Wild Remix) For when you’re waking up in the morning, the sun is shining bright, it’s the beginning of a brand new day, and you’re fuckin’ ready to own the fuck out of today. (Bonus: Swimm is one of our local faves, we saw them live and you can read all about it here).



Genevieve “Colors” (PLS&TY Remix) For when you’ve left the house looking sub-par (per usual) and you need a gently aggressive reminder that you’re actually a badass bitch (or bro) and no one can mess with you or tell how it’s supposed to be.



Hollow Coves “Heatwave” (filous Remix) For when you’re in Los Angeles, it’s nearly fall, half the state is on fire, and it’s also 97 degrees outside, and you’re just trying to cool down with a chill tune.



XYLØ “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” (flor Remix) For when you’re lacing up for a night run and you need the perfect groove to jog under the stars to.



Feverkin “Coiled Corner ft. Bijou” (eeph Remix) For when you’re finally laying down after a long, hot day, and you need some ambience to lull you into the next dimension.




You can listen to all of the Remix Wednesday songs, as well as the rest of the music we write about, on The Sundaze’s official Sound Cloud playlist, here.

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