10 Songs for the Weekend 9.18.2015

Ok, ok, ok, I messed up. I know every single one of you was desperately awaiting the release of our latest #RemixWednesday list, and it never came. If I had more feelings, I’d feel sorry. But I have a peace offering. For this weekend, I will present you with 10, you heard me, 10, songs for your greedy little ears. Fair? I thought so. Muahahahahahaaaaaaa. (Stream these songs for the weekend, as well as the rest of the music featured on The Sundaze on our Sound Cloud playlist, here.)


Transviolet “New Bohemia” We’ve covered every Transviolet release so far here at The Sundaze, and their newly released EP drops today (it’s really, really new). Here’s our favorite from the list, as well as links to our story about “Girls Your Age” and last weekend’s playlist featuring “Bloodstream.”



Porsches “Karate” Your sexy, self-indulgent, treat-yo-self (or let someone else treat you) song for the weekend. Who doesn’t love chocolate in their ice cream?



The Japanese House “Cool Blue” Yet another dream-inducing fantastical release from The Japanese House. For your quieter, introspective moments this weekend.



Alice On The Roof “Powerful (Cover) ft. Sean Dhondt” Alice On The Roof’s EP, Easy Come Easy Go, was one of the first things we wrote about on this blog. Needless to say, we’re thrilled about this underground release, and even more thrilled for the future of Alice on the Roof.



Meg Myers “Motel” So sultry, so broody, and oh so nice. Meg Myers comes at us hot with this release, and you can definitely use it for your ‘walk away and don’t look back’ moment this weekend. (PS 10/10 see Meg Myers live if given chance, it’s a dramatic production unlike anything you’ll ever witness).



Eves The Behavior “Digging” Your go-to, low-key, single, but emotionally unavailable, power song for the weekend. Some nights you’re single, and some nights you’re not.



White Sea “Stay Young, Get Stoned” “Get lost in the smoke, stay young, get stoned.” Who says you have to grow up? For your wild, reckless, forever young moment this weekend.



Alex and the Talai Lama “Good For You” You’re trying to impress someone? Are you trying as hard as Alex and the Talai Lama? You’re probably not. But if you listen to this song enough times, you might get halfway there. Good luck.



Stray Echo “Ground ft. Lolo” I am vampire. And I take away all the pain. Slow down. Get your body on the ground. We’re not quiiiite sure what is all means (Edward Cullen, is this you?), but this is your perfect Sunday drive down PCH song, or a yell really loud in the shower song.



Blackbird Blackbird “Strawberry Light” For some strange reason, the title of this song perfectly matches the song itself. I never imagined what strawberry light would be like, but the audible manifestation of it is this song.



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