Photo of the Day 9.22.2015

The first time you see the LA sprawl in its entirety, lit up against the red-brown (note: not black, never black) night sky, you’re truly rendered speechless. If you know what to look for, you can pick out Downtown (ok, that’s an easy one), the Hollywood Bowl, Dodgers Stadium, Hollywood, the ocean (give or take depending on the status of the marine layer), and maybe the major crossroads and freeways zagging through the city. The Hollywood sign you will not see, because it’s not illuminated in the dark. If you’re good, you might be able to pick out a landmark near your apartment, and that moment, when you see that building, or the pier, or where the 10 and the 405, or Hollywood and Los Feliz intersect, and you realize that you’re still so far from that, that’s the moment you can truly appreciate the vastness of Los Angeles.

Photo taken from the Griffith Observatory, overlooking Downtown Los Angeles, on 9.19.2015 by Tory Hoffman.

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