5 Songs for the Weekend 9.25.2015

You see that? The amount that I care is… Negative… Oh wait… No, no, it’s non-existent. Because why? Because it’s Friday. Or Fri-yay if you’re a functioning member of snapchat or the Internet. But what kind of Fri-yay would it be without some fresh new tracks to get down reeeeeeal low to this weekend? It wouldn’t even be a Fri-yay, it’d be like, a Fri-nay. So let’s fight the Fri-nay today and get our Fri-yay’s started with 5 songs for the weekend. (Stream these songs for the weekend, as well as the rest of the music featured on The Sundaze on our Sound Cloud playlist, here.)


Rejjie Snow “Blakkst Skn ft. Rae Morris” This song. If I admitted I fully understood what it’s about (or what all the words are, for that matter) I’d be lying, but it’s a fresh new track with some groovy rap verses and some fierce, clean vocals from Rae Morris. 



Maudlin Strangers “Gingerale” I would be lying if I admitted that I had heard of Maudlin Strangers before I procured tickets for a live show of theirs at The Echo a few months back, but since then I’ve had the EP “Overdose” in my regular rotation. “Gingerale” is a precursor to their upcoming tour (solo and with the Cold War Kids), so get tickets and go, just goooooo.



Sample Answer “Textile Baby” Sample Answer rocked us all with the release of his debut EP “Good Boy” a few weeks back, and he’s struck us down again with this. Perfectly folksy and raw, you’ll find yourself getting into this track sitting in traffic, cooking dinner, or just laying on the couch trying to cool off from the late summer heat. 



Ofelia K “Gone” First, if you haven’t heard Ofelia K’s previous two releases, get on that, I’ll wait. Ok. Now, this song, her junior release with South by Sea Music, is the song you need the most when you’re feeling low. Let it carry you as you wallow in grief, but then let it lift you up with some soft vocals and gently-harmonious background-synth. It’s hard to be sad when you’re listening to something this pretty. (And get tickets to see her open for Tei Shi at The Roxy on October 2, see you there!)



813 “Walking” For just in case you decide you really need to know what it’s like to live inside a cartoon. Fuckin’ smile, OK?



Bonus: Big Grams “Big Grams” In the past few weeks Big Grams, the collaborative project between Big Boi and Phantogram, have released a slew of singles, and today their album dropped. It. Is. Fire. Everything you love about Phantogram (unique and totally amazing beats and melodies) and everything you love about Big Boi (…everything…) have been melded together to create “Big Grams,” and their debut album will have you rocking so hard down the street you’ll completely block out the crazy insane homeless man yelling insults and throwing garbage at you.

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