5 Songs for the Weekend 10.2.2015

It’s Friday, and if you’re a normal working adult, you probably got paid yesterday. And if you haven’t signed all your cash away to your phone bills, unpaid parking tickets, rent, and those pesky things like groceries, you’re locked, loaded, and ready for this weekend. My only plan is to see a killer line-up at The Roxy tonight (Ofelia K, Dawn Golden, and Tei Shi), and a boozy brunch on Sunday with the frands, followed by some football. So for everything in between, we’ve got 5 songs for you for this weekend! #FRIYAY! (Stream these songs for the weekend, as well as the rest of the music featured on The Sundaze on our Sound Cloud playlist, here.)


Made of Oak “Pinebender” This dark and sultry electro-house tune will make you feel more mysterious and badass about doing anything. Cleaning the house? Badass. Driving to the store? Badass. Going to the Farmers’ Market? You better believe you’ll be the biggest badass there.


Joel Sarakula “Children of a Higher Light” We’re not sure what it means to be a “child of a higher light” but this song is reminiscent of some of those 70’s era disco tunes, and will have you grooving around town wishing you had some tie-dye and big round sunglasses.


The Zolas “Fell In Love With New York” It’s time to admit something embarrassing. I’ve never been to New York. Yeah, that’s right. I’m 23 and in my 23 years on this planet, I’ve never been to New York. I call Los Angeles home now, and when I tell that to people here, well, let’s just say for some reason, it’s a rite of passage to go to New York City, and then come back to LA to shit about it to all your friends. This song makes me want go to there and not do that. So you go, The Zolas, you go.


ANNA OF THE NORTH “The Dreamer” This is your etheral-pop-dreamwave for the weekend. Perfect for sitting on the beach and watching waves, or waking up from your Sunday afternoon nap to.



Kung Fu Jesus “Rainbow Road” With a band name like “Kung Fu Jesus” and a song name like “Rainbow Road,” there’s no possible way you can go wrong, right? Normally I’d disagree, but in this case Jesus Kung-Fuing down a Rainbow Road is the perfect weekend song, listen to it on your Sunday morning drive into the sunrise, blazing down the freeway to the mountains before the rest of the population is even out of bed.


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