Ridin’ Solo: Why traveling alone is actually the best

The Grand Canyon, yo

In the last month I’ve taken two trips by myself: one to New York and one to Southern Utah/Arizona. Although the latter trip was to visit friends, I remained a solo traveler in my NYC excursion. I also used this as an opportunity to explore more of New York than I had on my first trip there. I wasn’t upset that I was going alone- in fact I loved it.


New York, New York

Here’s why traveling alone is actually the best:

1.You don’t have worrying about losing your friend: in the airport, on the train, in the city, wherever… you can just power walk through everything from the streets to the TSA like you own the place.

2. No compromise: Never worry about coordinating schedules or finding something that everyone can agree on. When you’re by yourself, you can just do whatever the eff you want. You can see whatever weird-ass play you want, without having someone complain about how it isn’t their taste.


Go see a show about a demonic puppet! #lifechanging

3. Silence is golden: You don’t have to feel guilty about putting your headphones in and not talking to your partner while traveling. Take a power nap if you’d like. You want silence? You got it.

4. You’re not embarrassing anyone: Do what you want, without judgment or fear of embarrassing those you’re with. And you can still get pictures of yourself on your travels, without companions judging you for using a selfie stick.

#SailorSelfie, taken with my SelfieStick

5. Singles Mingle: You are more likely to meet people at social events. No longer hiding behind a friend and using them as an excuse for not socializing with others, you actually have to talk to new people, and wind up meeting cool new peeps, which brings us to

6. Making new friends: You can make friends anywhere. From your Airbnb host, to your table mates at the comedy club, to your waitress, people are more likely to feel bad for you if you’re sitting alone, and thus talk to you to make you feel better (even if you actually not feeling bad in the first place), and thus you instantly have more friends!

7. Conquering the world: You get a massive sense of accomplishment for being able to navigate a city by yourself.


Took this super artsy pic of the skyline reflecting in the window when I was drunk on the train at 2am in Brooklyn


Overall, solo travel is great because you just get to do you. And if you’ve been doing most of your adventuring as a group, it’s a good chance to break off and really discover what you like and don’t like, since you get to call ALLLLLL the shots without worrying about offending or accommodating anyone else.


For the record, I enjoy group trips too and I think that they’re a great way to spend time and share adventures with friends. But every once in a while, it’s good to take time to explore the world and get to “Know Yourself” – like Drake says 😉


At the edge of the world, probably thinking about Drake

At the edge of the world, probably contemplating the hotness of Drake and Jason Derulo


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