Take a Moment to Meet this Badass Bitch

clare hollingworth 3 Egyptian side of Suez 1968
Today as I read Buzzfeed, something I do daily a) because they report news in a way that allows me to read it quickly and still get the facts, and b) becasue I need to know which Harry Potter character is my soulmate (it was Ron Weasley, something I knew from reading book #1 the first time).

As I scanned headlines, I came acorss a really interesting read about a woman, Clare Hollingworth, who was the first person to break the news that WWII had begun at the border of Poland and Germany in 1939.

This is something that I believe history books have skipped over- at least the one I used in my world history class.

The story speaks turth to the very famous-sometimes overused, yet still important quote “Well behaved women seldom make history.”

Read the full story HERE, to learn more about how badass Clare is- she’s still alive, and celebrating her 104th birthday tomorrow!

Slay, Clare, you badass bitch, slay!

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