10 Songs for the Weekend 10.16.2015

It was one of those weeks. One of those weeks where, by lunch on Tuesday I had already discovered five songs to share on the Friday playlist. And by Wednesday I had found five more. And by the end of last night, I had, well, let’s just say there was fair competition and hard cuts had to be made. Pair that with an unnervingly disappointing Tinder date (go ahead and say it, I probably should have known better), a positive annual review at my job (and a subsequent raise), an exciting 20% chance of rain looming over our heads here in Los Angeles (water! falling from the sky!?), and a compromised immune system driving me to emotional insanity, this week was exhausting. But this music was there for me every step of the way. Get. Ready. For. The. Ride. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here). songs for the weekend


auram “Find You” This is the bummer song you deserve, and you need it now. The perfect tune to get lost in your own thoughts to, to drown out the world and focus in on whatever is going on inside.



IYES “Beautiful Mess” This is the primer to becoming not bummed. It’s obviously still acknowledging that you’re a mess, but hey, life is messy and beautiful sometimes in that way, isn’t it?



I Know Leopard “Another Life” This is what I imagine would happen if Phantogram and Beach House did a collaboration. An ethereal masterpiece, the song rushes through nothing but delivers completely. The perfect song for laying on the floor, thinking about the ceiling, and finding the meaning of life in those little dots up there.



Elise du Crest “Fade” Nothing like finding the first original from a young, fresh artist. You’ll have to turn your sound up (and then remember to turn it back down, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything), but this original debut from French newcomer came to my attention after Louis the Child posted her equally stunning cover of “It’s Strange.” We look forward to someone getting this girl in a studio!



GRRL PAL “Suggest” The most innocent-sounding song about things that aren’t really innocent at all, let GRRL PAL lull you into some adorably wild decisions this weekend.



Catlips “Silver Smoke” Do.. cats… Do cats have lips? Maybe they’re just super thin and we never noticed them? Or they do and I’ve been ignoring them my whole life. Or could it be… No. No. No. No. But regardless, this song is 100% vibe (but it’s also kind of… bendy?) and I’m pretty sure all the comments on the Sound Cloud track agree. So go ahead and #vibe to this. And please forget the cats with the lips.



Basenji “Air” Finally. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Basenji’s EP, “Trackpad” (which you can buy on a water bottle flash drive?) is out. The tag on the track says it all, #Yay!



Dahlia “Breathe” Raspy, fluttering vocals and a polished dreamwave sheen behind them, this is a beautiful song perfect for your meditative downtime this weekend.



Tessellated “Hold Yuh” Kind of an up-beat vibe beachy wave song, you can listen to this and simultaneously think of Kygo and Sean Paul, and then you’ll want to be on a tropical island sipping a icy drink with a lei.



Dresses “Fools” Whistling, staccato basslines, chimes, male/female vocals, I mean, can you think of anything happier than a combination of these things? Oh, you mean to add that the lyrics are about the blissful confusion of being in and out of love? Well, I stand corrected. You’ll want to dance, a lot, to this song, and I don’t think anyone will try to stop you.


And as an added bonus, here’s Christine and the Queens’ debut album, “Christine and the Queens.” Highly anticipated, CATQ, who already has a steady following in France, has releases them gem to up her fan base stateside. And I think it’s going to work. It’s the kind of pop album everyone can agree on, and she’s touring in the U.S., opening for Marina and the Diamonds, be sure to catch a show!

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