The losers of the Republican debate

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Forget there was a debate on tonight? Me too. Seriously. I was on my way home from work when I got a CNN alert that the Republican debate was scheduled to be on and I realized I totally missed this one. So I only caught a bit of it, but I’ll give you a short post of a few highlights!

Wednesday night was the third Republican presidential debate. It was hosted by CNBC in Boulder, Colorado. Participants included Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Chris Christie.

Changes since the last debate:

  • Scott Walker has dropped out.
  • Democratic candidates Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee have dropped out.
  • VPOTUS Joe Biden has decided not to run.

Since I missed a good chunk of the debate, I will be relying on my good friend and self-declared “libertarian commentor” Andrew for filling in my gaps. For one, I will call the loser of this debate CNBC, because everything I am reading about this debate shows that the moderators really dropped the ball. The hosts of tonight’s debate got booed by the audience more than any candidate (and I actually don’t think anyone on stage was booed). Summary, with help from my guest commentator:

  • Marco Rubio killed tonight and answered each and every question well (see below). Both of us mark him as the winner from tonight’s debate.
  • Cruz was also solid and called moderators out for unfairness as well.
  • Trump was the same old guy you know from headlines and previous debates. Although I did see his speaking time decrease drastically from the first two debates.
  • Jeb was largely boring. And bombed pretty bad at one point (see below).
  • Ben Carson is amazingly loved by the GOP but doesn’t ever seem to say much about policy.
  •  Carly Fiorina did well but seemed to get cut off a lot by moderators, even though NPR clocked her as speaking the most.
  • Rand Paul seems to have good ideas but can be somewhat of the “Jim Webb” of this debate – as said on Twitter by former senior advisor to the president Dan Pfeiffer. Andrew said to me he was like “that annoying fly you can hear around your house but you can’t find it.”
  • Kasich wasn’t too memorable but had reliable answers.
  • Christie did well to stick out with some zingers, especially re: fantasy football (see below), and definitely tried to appeal to the more conservative wing, since he’s usually called out as being too liberal.
  • Huckabee was forgettable. He also somewhat endorsed Trump (?) by saying “Donald Trump would be a better president than Hillary Clinton every day of the week and twice on Sunday than Hillary.” He’s probably sick of the Clintons since the era of their days in Arkansas.

What I did see of tonight’s debate included a lot of bashing on the media and on the moderators. Ted Cruz really grilled the CNBC moderators for asking incriminating and unfair questions, while not allowing him to answer the actual questions:

Additionally, Chris Christie got a huge round of applause for pointing out how ridiculous a question was about possibly regulating fantasy football websites:

The audience booed the moderators for being unfair to Ben Carson, when asked about his judgement:

As for candidate banter, Marco Rubio got tough on Jeb Bush. A lot of stories have been published about Rubio missing a lot of votes in the senate due to campaigning around the country. Rubio defended himself to the moderator, saying other candidates, such as John Kerry, Barack Obama, and John McCain missed senate votes and no one batted an eye. Bush, however, agreed with the media/moderators, saying that if Rubio was going to miss votes, he should just resign. Obviously this pissed Rubio off, and really stood up for himself while calling Bush out at the same time for bad campaign tactics:

I promise I’ll be more prepared this time but that’s all I have for now! COMMENTS? Post them below or tweet them to me @michellesuhi or @the_sundaze.

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