5 Songs for the Weekend 11.6.2015

So clearly I’m on top of my game. I slept through my first alarm, causing me to miss my AM run, I put a stained shirt on this morning and didn’t notice until I was home after work, I forgot to put deodorant on before I left the house, and then I accidentally got caught in the stampede into the doors of H&M on the day of the Balmain drop (and then had to Google “balmain” when I was removed from the situation and in a safe location). All of this happened before 9AM. Before coffee. Before my blood had life in it. Before my heartbeat had a purpose. All of that being said, lots of great things in music happened this week, and even though “they’re” saying the best kinds of meat give you cancer now, no one’s ever said anything about the best kind of music. So here are some music updates for you and song songs for the weekend. And I bet if you really want to eat some bacon, you’ll be totally fine (that statement is not approved by the FDA). (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).


Holiday Oscar “Carousel”  The perfect song to wind your week down with. Just… Yeah, it’s the perfect song for your downtime before your uptime. 



Yes You Are “World Without End” I stumbled across this and my first thought was, “Oh this is gonna be a huge hit.” And then I saw that it came out 6 months ago, and that it still has less than 1,000 plays. And I thought, “Why the hell aren’t more people listening to this?” So I’m sharing it with you, because I hope this song goes viral.  The entire EP deserves to. It’s amazing, the songs are upbeat, but playfully intense, and the lyrics are so spot on you’ll want them printed and framed on your wall. Yes! You! Are!



Eden Mulholland “Four To The Floor” It’s kind of darkly fun, like at first listen you want to dance, but then you catch snippets of lyrics like “All this time I’ve cried, I could have been out partying,” and “We stand at the end of the world and we bring back nothing,” and you start realize that it’s about something a little more, like some sort of messed up love story. And even if you’re never exactly sure what it’s about, you’ll still want to listen again and again.



Holy Two “Undercover Girls” It’s exotic and quirky and danceable with a female rap verse. What else could you possibly want? A unicorn shitting rainbows? Do you really want that? If you think about it, that’s a lot of pretty disgusting mess to clean up. Trust me when I say this song is a much cleaner and more fun alternative. You can add glitter to feed your unicorn desires if you really need to.



KAPTAN “Let Go” KAPTAN has been serially releasing a slew of beachy pop tunes the past few months, and this song is the perfect successor to his first three. It doesn’t matter where you are, if this song comes on, you’re instantly taken to a beach. Is that a marimba and some steel drums I hear? Am I in Jamaica? No? Well thanks, kind stranger, for yanking me back into reality. This is the perfect song for your happy moments this weekend, and may you have many!



This Week In Music:

  • One of The Sundaze’s favorite people, Ofelia K, released a new single, “Hawk Fly Tiger Run” (or “Moose Drool Kitten Play” or “Fly Bird Turkey Cat” or something) and guess what? It rocks.
  • Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days In LA started on Sunday, and I caught Grimes and Sylvan Esso on Monday and Tuesday this week. Both Grimes and Made of Oak (of Sylvan Esso) released albums today!
  • And finally, a music video to share with you all! This is the second gorgeous video from ACES, for their song “I’m Already Gone.” The song itself is basically audible Xanax, and the video is some hypnotic dreamwave visual masterpiece. Basically, you’ll want to take a lil’ trip down PCH after you watch, and that’s never a bad time.

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