5 Songs for the Weekend 11.20.2015

Ok so Adele’s monumental “25” dropped today. And it is, on all accounts, monumental. It was a kind of curveball to find it not on Spotify, but it was well worth the $11, I promise. And although I will admit that I spent a lot of time this entire week just thinking about it, in the rare moments that I wasn’t, I found some gems that have the potential to pull you away from her, even if only for a few minutes. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).


Alice on the Roof “Mystery Light” Alice on the Roof was one of the first EP-discoveries we posted on The Sundaze, and the more we hear from her, the more we like her. This is a much more ethereal, shiny, indie-pop song than her previous releases, but I think we can all agree she’s heading in the right direction. And anyone who can pull pink hair off like that is an automatic winner in our books.


Tülpa “Lemons ft. BLANKTS” Tülpa and BLANKTS have done collaborations in the past, and it’s always a treat when the two of them work together. It’s ambient, with lyrics bordering on spoken word, cute, but not twee, and just the sweetest lyrics you’ve ever heard. The perfect song for a wind down after a solid date, or to put on in the background as you Tinder (you know so you remember what you’re really looking for in all your matches).



AARON TAOS “Bangs” Nothing beats the classic drums+guitar+vocals combination, and this song has some subtle beachy vibes, vocals distinct enough to make an impression, and everyone’s favorite melodramatic-love-is-lost lyrics. Maybe that Tinder date didn’t work out, after all? Sounds like Aaron Taos has got your back!



Kyla La Grange “Skin” This newest release from one of the princesses of indie-pop, following the great success of her 2014 “Cut Your Teeth” album (and a remix of the title track from Kygo that is pure fire), “Skin” is a dark and sultry song reminiscent of a dark disco, like Halloween, but maybe even edgier, and appropriate for all the time.


Brandyn Burnette “Made of Dreams” The weekend pick-me-up we all need after Adele’s “25.” It’s progressive and emotional, but in an über-happy way that makes you want to serenade the cat and dance around the apartment in your underwear. Great for a night in, or to prepare you for a night out (because going from Adele to heavy drinking probably isn’t the smaaaartest idea, cough cough emotional drunk cough cough).

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