Day 2: Micky Blue “Wild Things” EP

On the second day of Sundaze, my favorite blog shared this awesome new EP…

I remember the first time I heard Micky Blue’s “Champagne Reign” I had this glorious image of myself in my favorite little black dress and heels, standing on a table, glitter-confetti raining down from the ceiling, and people gathered all around just sort of spraying champagne on me from every angle. It was strange and liberating and extremely fulfilling for about 30 seconds. Because after 30 seconds, I looked over and checked what I was listening to. The chorus of the song begins “Champagne rains, over you…” but as soon as you see the title, “Champagne Reign,” and not “Champagne Rain,” your fantasy suddenly seems a little darker. And sure enough, as you listen to the rest of the song, your fantasy doesn’t change, but the context in which it takes place does; you’re no longer being celebrated, but instead you’re flaunting, you’re trying to catch the attention of someone– the champagne isn’t yours, it’s someone else’s.

That sort of imagery, emotion, is exactly what Micky Blue does in her music. Her lyrics are intelligent, hauntingly truthful, and the melodies are catchy and fun enough to make you listen to them all the way through. You might even dance. But you listen, and every time you do, there’s something new, something you didn’t catch before, something that reveals a little bit more about Micky’s story.

Her songs cover a wide array of topics. “Champagne Reign” is a reflection on girls who allow their success to be dictated by others, “Firebird” was written in honor of a friend struggling with self-acceptance, through the lens of Russian folklore, and her newest single, “The Good The Bad The Ugly,” is about staying true to her promise of being an artist through the struggles and temptations to turn a blind eye to her own inner-voice. They’re awe-inspiring and powerful anthems, not in a loud and overwhelming way, but in a way that tells a story of the hardship of setting lofty goals, but ultimately, succeeding at them.

I think I’ll let her speak for all of us boss-ass bitches when she says, “I may never get to the top, but at least I’m pouring my own damn champagne.” (Source: Tunes4Loons).

You can follow Micky on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and her debut EP, “Wild Things” is available today on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

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