Day 3: Handsome Naked “H.NAKE”

On the third day of Sundaze, a ballin’ blog gave to me…

The gentlemen of Chicago’s comedy rap scene are Handsome Naked. No, I’m not being pervy, Handsome Naked is the actual name of a comedy rap group here in Chi-Town. The three dudes- Eric Oren, Chucho Pérez, and Brad Kemp take on the aliases of EO, CHUCHO, and CUTZ  “to bring you the dopest beats and dumbest lyrics ever heard in the Chi” (their words, not mine). Together, the guys have collaborated with several Chicago comedians and released two EPs (#HandsomeNaked, Google Us) and two full length albums (Chicago Style, H.NAKE). The latest of which, I have provided here for your listening pleasure.

In a style reminiscent of The Lonely Island and Bo Burnham, Handsome Naked uses music and rhymes to discuss everything from Boat Shoes to the questions whose answers we Don’t Know:

The songs narrate the truths of being an aspiring comedian: “I’m just tryin’ to hit an open mic or two […] Stay at bars until 2 / To see if strangers think I got value” (Lazy On Your Lady) – and hobbies at home: “Couldn’t go pro on the hardwood floor / I’m king of the kitchen linoleum though” (Kitchen Basketball).

If you’re in Chicago, you can catch the guys spitting rhymes everywhere from The Beat Kitchen and The Green Mill, to The Second City and ComedySportz. If you’re a fan from out of town, you can keep up with them via their Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube page. A fair warning though, no matter where you’re listening from, one hook from Handsome Naked is all it takes to develop a massive ear-worm and you may find yourself humming along while trying and failing to keep it Subtle.


Song to listen to right now: Sandwich Song III (feat DJ Frog Prince)

You’re welcome.

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