Day 5: 5 Songs for the Weekend 12.18.2015

On the 5th Day of Sundaze, these people on this blog I read gave me…

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering, if after all this time, starting conversations like this would get old. It hasn’t. But in complete honesty, I think there are a lot of people more than a little peeved at Adele for being so amazing that basically every ticketing site selling tickets to her massive US tour crashed, burned, and then got launched into space yesterday. I didn’t get tickets after 2+ hours of waiting, so I promptly quit my job to start a support group for others in emotional distress from the catastrophe. But they say the things that hurt you the most can also make you the happiest, and it wasn’t long before I was scouring the depths of the web for music that could mend a wound like the one Adele has left in all of us (maybe this was just a huge ploy to get everyone to feel her pain?). And, like always, there was no shortage of beautiful music to take my mind off it, and to ease my pain, and then to remind me that tickets to see all of these artists live, combined, would probably cost less than a nosebleed seat at the Adele concert. So thanks, Adele, for putting us all through so much suffering that we even had the opportunity to be enlightened by these phenomenal artists and their outstanding new releases. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).



et aliae “Closer Still Closer” This ethereal masterpiece from et aliae is the perfect song for those chill moments we all need this time of year. Relaxing, but not a sleeper-track, it has just enough energy to keep you awake and alert, and there’s a surprisingly harmonious clash between the angelic background synth track and the bouncy bells of the melody.



813 x R3LL “Night Jazz” The title of this song says it all. From the opening digital chords all the way through to the explosion of epic proportions at the very end, this song is a highly computerized take on jazz music that will make you want to take a shot or two and dance with the cat. And there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t. Just smile, OK!? (This message not approved by any cat, ever. The Sundaze takes no responsibility for injuries sustained while trying to dance with cats).



Huntering “The Attic (Demo)” Although just a ‘demo’ I think I can speak for most people when I say we’re ready for some ‘not demos’ from Huntering. ‘The Attic’ is a stunning debut, with beautiful echoing vocals and a simple acoustic guitar melody. It’s exactly what you would imagine curling up next to a fire while the snow piles up outside to. With lots of flannel. Some warm mulled wine in your favorite mug. And I suppose maybe another human to share some more warmth with. Perfect for that snowy (or rainy, if you’re in LA with me) Saturday night in, with good wine and better company.



Kita Alexander “Wild Heart” A fun mix of pop and disco with some fierce vocals and aggressively liberating lyrics. Your weekend power-up song. Maybe get the wings of your eyeliner even before this song comes on, in case of spontaneous dancing.



Billie Eilish “Fingers Crossed” Soulful, haunting, enchanting. There’s not a lot to say about ‘Fingers Crossed’ that you won’t gather from the slightly unnerving chord progression at the opening of the song, crossed with the clapping percussion, evocative humming, and the eventual (not rushed) poignant vocals. Stands in harmonious contrast, but not surprisingly so, to her viral hit “Ocean Eyes.” If we made a list of artists we were über excited to hear more from in 2016, Eilish would near the top.

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