Day 6: Skyler “You Don’t Have To Go”

On the 6th day of Sundaze this truly lovely blog gave to me…

A reason to stay on this page long enough to take a listen to singer/songwriter Skyler’s song You Don’t Have to Go.

In a pop scene filled with break-up songs and club-bangers, Skyler’s music is a like a cozy holiday vacation. Accompanied by bassist Charles Berthoud (aka, “The Brit”), Boston-native Skyler’s tender voice and guitar strumming carry you on a gentle and heart-felt journey through the fuzzy feelings of new crushes and yearning of the heart experiencing un-requited love.

Skyler has been called “The male Taylor Swift,” but I personally see him as a warmer, more approachable option to get your fix of love songs. You Don’t Have to Go is like a fuzzy blanket and a cup of tea that surround you while you daydream about that certain someone that you just can’t keep your mind off of. Ok, that analogy might sound a little cheesy, but Skyler shows genuine care and vulnerability that we don’t alway get to see, especially from male artists. “I’d rather be hurt, than never know how to bleed,” he sings.

The holidays can be a stressful time, filled with shopping in busy stores, making travel arrangements, and trying and failing to stay off the topic of politics in family conversations. Sometimes we forget that the main reason we celebrate holidays (other than for religious reasons) is to bring people together, to be connected, to feel warmth, to feel love. And through all the chaos in the world, Skyler’s music reminds you of that by taking you by the hand and providing a little peace on earth.


Skyler was named the 2014 Best Small Venue Artist by Campus Activities Magazine and can be seen touring all through the country with The Brit. Check out his website, follow on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube for more information and to hear the rest of Skyler’s Tunes.

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