On the 7th Day of Sundaze, my blog friends went totally insane and this is what we received…

So I do this thing where, when I find a solid EP (not song or album, just EP), I keep it totally to myself. Like, albums I’ll immediately write about and recommend, and individual songs will almost always make my weekend playlists. But EPs are this weird thing between being something bigger and going into a curated list. So I collect them, and listen to them, over, and over, but I never share them. There have to be other people who fall into this same trap, right!? (Disclaimer: I realize there probably aren’t but if there are, let’s form a ‘EP-Love-Suppression-Support-Group’).

So what better way to get them all off my chest than to throw them all at you at once? I know that’s what you were wishing for! So to make things a little bit easier to digest, I’ve given you a sort of ‘zeitgeist’ so you can pick an EP to match your mood, whatever that mood is. We’ll call it an EP EXTRAVAGANZA so it’s more like a party, and I genuinely hope that you discover a new artist here that you love! Because all 5 of these artists are killin’ the game right now, and for whatever bouts of traveling you’re doing this holiday season, there’s something here for you to listen to!

If you have other suggestions for us, share them in the comments below! Happy listening!




Are you walking down the street, feeling like a total badass, waiting for the perfect soundtrack to start playing to complement your total badassery?

We recommend: My God It’s Full Of Stars “M29”

So I’m already slipping, because “M29” is labeled an album, but it’s short, it’s 6 songs for 25 minutes, so in my head it’s just an EP. Stop complaining, I’m giving this to you for free. This hard and heavy debut from MGIFOS is a pretty down and dirty rock album, but the songs come from a higher and more enlightened place. He stated to Diffuser magazine:

“Everything in this song expanded rapidly from a Rumi saying that helped me to see through a time of deep set despair in my life. The wound is the place where the Light enters you. There is no such thing as thwarting the painful experiences that life tends to throw across your journey here on Earth, but there is a way through them to the other side where there is understanding and a renewed sense of strength.”

So you’re a badass with a history that has made you the badass that you are today. Own. It.




You’re going through some shit, and you feel like there’s no one on the planet who can possibly relate to your problems, and you’re looking for music that just “gets you.”

We recommend: r e l  “r e l”

I have been waiting forever to share this EP because it’s been in my head since I first heard it maybe two months ago. The songs are catchy, unpredictable, a little bit sassy, kind of bendy-groovy, and 100% relatable. r e l’s voice is clean and pure, making her lyrics so easy to understand. Which is nice because they chronicle perfectly the entire experience of being young, caught between being a teenager and adult. There’s even a track called “Salt” which is all about salt, in every form: sand, tears, the ocean, and most importantly, before a tequila shot (complete with a section that explains how high all of these things make your blood pressure).

My personal go-to is the opener from the EP, “All That Bite,” it’s serious and danceable, and if you really pay attention, heartbreaking and all-too-real. She also has a killer cover of “Gooey” by Glass Animals, you can hear it here. Plus, girl’s gorgeous, and 100% Instagram stalkable.


It’s a great day, you’re happy, just happy, and you just want something super fun and upbeat to yell and headbang to in the car.

We recommend: Good Graeff “Good Job Go”

This EP may top my list of favorite finds of the year. The band is comprised of twin sisters, Brooke and Brit, and they combine forces– vocals with a wildly impressive range, and a cello– to form Good Graeff. Their band story is worth a read, but in short: battle of the bands, 6 years of silence, Vietnam, van goes everywhere, great success! The bulk of their U.S. tour seems to be dying down, but if you’re in LA, come catch them opening for SWIMM at The Echo in January, or for Mothers in April!

In short, this album will have you laughing, wanting to play in that weird colored dusty stuff they shoot at you during those Color Runs, dancing insanely around your apartment, and just generally having a great time. Also may see their photo next to the definition of “sibling goals.” (I’m looking at you, Ken, it’s time to step your game up).



You’re feeling a little bit angsty and moody because of you-know-who, and you want to sort of brood but you want to sort of brood in style.

We recommend: MAALA “MAALA”

We featured MAALA’s first single, “Touch,” here a pretty long while ago. Since then there has been a slew of singles, and then, there was this. What sets MAALA apart from the pack is his voice, it’s so deep, emotive, and bluesy, and it’s complemented by backup falsettos in almost every song, creating an audible representation of going experiencing highs and lows. Combined with elements of pop, alternative R&B, and in parts, even blues music, MAALA has created a sound that is uniquely his, and it translates into every song on this debut set. We also stand by our earlier statement that if Frank Ocean and Hozier coached an artist to musical stardom together, he would sound like this.



Maybe you’re sad, and you just want to be sad a little bit longer, but sad like in the movies, where there’s some hauntingly beautiful music playing as you stare longingly out the window of your car, picturesquely sad.

We recommend: Cloves “XIII”

Cloves, just 19 years young, went viral earlier this year with her first single, “Frail Love.” Since then, she’s released “XIII,” a short collection of 4 songs, each equally stunning. She sings with the emotion and eloquence you’d expect from someone with many more years of experience, and her lyrics so perfectly touch on experiences that writers much older than her have struggled to put into words. In short, this EP will have you feeling all the feels. And we’re 100% positive there are only greater and more amazing things for Cloves’ future, she just wrapped up a tour opening for James Bay in the U.S., and she has a playlist titled ‘Songs to Drink Gin To’ on her Spotify page (that just feels like something someone destined for success would do). We’re 110% psyched for what Cloves will have for us in 2016!

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