Day 11: Introducing Keeva

On the 11th Day of Sundaze, our favorite fashionable and festive bloggers introduced us to…

Ahh, Christmas Eve. You’re curled up on your favorite couch, next to a fire. You’re wrapped in warm blankets, hands clutching a mug filled with a piping hot drinkable favorite, glancing every so often out the window to watch the snow gently cascade to the ground. You’re enjoying good conversation with people you love, and everything is peaceful.

OK, so my Christmas Eve has never actually been like that. Ideally, sure, but usually on this day every year, my family is packed into a car next to boxes, bags, suitcases, and snacks embarking on a voyage that historically has been between 6-14 hours, and included late night stops at Taco Bells in rural Illinois, “driving” through white-out blizzard conditions, accidental black eyes, and of course, incessant bickering that begins shortly after the car exits the driveway (“I don’t remember if we packed that!” “I can’t see out the back window can someone move that coat?” “It’s too cold in here.” “Now it’s too hot!” “Can we stop to pee yet?”). It sounds terrible, and while it’s happening, it really is, but now that those trips are condensed and formatted to fit adult working schedules, I can look back more fondly on those long trips and the memories that were made with my family during them.

But, regardless of whether you’re living a Christmas Eve fantasy or a Christmas Eve reality, the right music is what ultimately ties it all together. If you’re living my reality, you can play this song and stare longingly out the window at the brown, dead grass (where is all the snow this year!?) and pretend you’re not in a small metal box blazing down a freeway. And if you’re living my fantasy, well, we’ll be here to welcome you when you come back down to Earth.

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I first heard Keeva’s song, “Desired Plan,” all the way back in August and it was instantly addicting. The first thing you notice about her is her voice. It’s absolutely enchanting; slightly androgynous at the start, but as you’re drawn in, you pick up on the little girlish cues. All that accompanies the vocals throughout the first verse is a little guitar, and it’s not until the first chorus that the saxophone and backup vocals come in. And that’s all. For the whole song. A few voices, a guitar, and a saxophone. There’s even this angelic a capella at the end. It’s magical. And it’s even more magical that still now, the only recording that exists is a live recording. it’s just, magical.

I’ve had “Desired Plan” on repeat for the past 5 months (which Keeva has said is about “one night stands, sass, and loneliness”), and she’s recently shared with us a new recording, a cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” It’s almost more magical than the last, with just the tiniest little echo, the faintest piano, and that voice. I don’t think it matters what you’re doing, whatever it is, you’ll stop when this song comes on and you’ll listen to it. Both songs will. They will stop the backseat bickering, ease your bladder pressure, and even subside the boredom munchies and take you, even if just for a few moments, to the quiet Christmas Eve fantasy.

You can follow Keeva on Sound Cloud, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or at her website.

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