McKenna: RIP 2015

2015 was a shit year. But it came with many good things as well.

I had a horrible break-up a week before Valentine’s Day and two weeks before I turned 24 (a very unimportant age in my book).

I had to move, twice, and the second time I did it completely by myself (aside from putting furniture together, Tory you are a saint).

Because of the break-up, I got sick, and stopped eating and sleeping.

The temperature was hotter than hell for months upon months so I slept in pools of sweat.

But, like a phoenix out of the ash, I too was reborn from the fire.

I started a new job, a good new job. I am being paid more than a lot of fresh faced college students are making, I have friends at work who I laugh with and can share my problems with.

My best friend since preschool came down and celebrated my birthday with me, so I wouldn’t have to face that new age alone.

In 2015 I had to push myself to make new friends.

I competed in a weekend-long volleyball tournament in San Diego, making it the first time I’ve played since 12th grade. I also got to spend time with a friend I hadn’t seen in about three years.

Then I joined a rec volleyball league team in Costa Mesa, and have made friends that I never thought I would have. We play every Wednesday and it is the only exercise I do.

I ran a Ragnar Relay (200 mile team relay race from San Francisco to Napa, CA), I ran a Spartan Race in Valencia, CA that was 4 miles straight uphill with 25 obstacle courses to complete- I finished in 790th place of 2,199 participants, 163rd of 790 females, and 26th of 108 in my age range.  Mind you, I DON’T RUN.

I went on a cruise to Mexico for a week and had an amazing time. There I road horses up to a waterfall on an island that is home to only 90 people, I snorkled, ate lunch on a private beach, and braved the tropical rain while going 40 MPH on a boat.

I rekindled the flame with my ex, then broke it off right before Christmas. We are trying to remain friends.

I started to take control of my life.

So in 2016, I plan to…

  • Save money
  • Visit Europe for two weeks with my roommate
  • Give my job all I got, and stay focused
  • Create memories with my new friends
  • Do something new/different every weekend
  • Start to work out more
  • Be outside more often
  • Laugh all the time
  • Be kind
  • Be generous
  • Find my passion
  • Stretch more and become more flexible
  • See Austin, TX
  • Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening in CA in April
  • Spruce up the old resume
  • Enjoy the summer to the fullest
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Eat as healthy as possible (but don’t say no to cupcakes)
  • Visit my sister in New Orleans
  • Keep an eye out for a new job to start in September
  • Move out of CA (where I have lived my whole life)
  • Move to Austin, TX
  • If Austin doesn’t work out, find somewhere else
  • Visit my other sister in England when she moves
  • Spend Christmas and the New Year in England

Bring it on 2016, I’m about to blow your damn mind.


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