5 Songs for the Weekend 1.8.2016

Ahh yes, the first week of the new year is done. I even remembered to date this post “2016.” So take that, date. I don’t have a lot to say about the week except that it’s good to finally be back in the swing of things, and here are some awesome songs for the weekend to chill out to after the first wild week back of 2016. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).

“Colours” Wilde I sort of accidentally listened to the entire “Flashlight” EP for more than a few consecutive hours earlier this week. What. A. Gorgeous. Debut. The album as a whole is moody, dark, sultry, sexy. “Colours” is the most lively of the tracks, which is why it’s the perfect choice for the weekend. Plus that album art is just… Yes. Whatever it is, it’s yes.



“Holland” Glass Face Call it a weird side effect of all the rain El Nino is bringing, but I was just in a deep a retrospective mood all week. I came across the debut EP from Glass Face, “You Are Nowhere” and was immediately transfixed, sitting on the train, staring out at the rain pelting the window, and letting everything sink in. “Holland” is the stand out track from the bunch, but as a whole, the EP is a journey. It’s unlike anything else out this now, some magical blend of folk violin and rock, with some elements of electronica as well. Enjoy.


“Princess Diamond (ft. Kelsey Bulkin)” Kero Uno I really did hit the jackpot with new albums this week, and this is no exception. Kero Uno officially released “Reflection Eternal” just before Christmas, although the singles have been trickling out the past few months. This track was my personal favorite, it’s a relaxing but upbeat song, and it’s the perfect example of finding the perfect vocal support for a track. It’s fun, it’s groovy, it’s mellow, it’s the weekend. (Plus what a rad music video, right?)



“The Perfect Storm” Soren Bryce So I discovered (and fell in love with) Soren Bryce’s debut EP, “Soren Bryce” a few months back, but it took me until today to find this gem on her Sound Cloud page. With a progressive alternative rock sound, it’s a little bit of a departure from the more polished emotional sound on her EP. It’s still emotional, but in a raw and more aggressive way, and it’s evident even from this early sample that 1) the girl’s got some chops, and 2) her songwriting skills are out of this world. “We are young and old at the same time.”


“Shackled Up” Alex Vargas This. Song. Is. Everything. Now, I have a definite soft spot for a nice falsetto, but if you’re not impressed by the vocal range on this track, you’re lying to yourself and everyone around you. Vargas’s emotive voice is serendipitously complemented by a light driving percussion and some mellow background tracks, and the lyrics are oh-so-relatable, creating a perfect backdrop for your wet and gloomy El Nino weekend.

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