5 Songs for the Weekend 1.15.2016

This week, while everyone else was geeking out over politics, I was dutifully searching for beautiful music to share with you (in between sobbing major tears over the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman and not winning the Powerball, of course). I know, it’s a hard sacrifice to imagine making, but for you, my loyal readers or my first time visitors, I did it. So let’s not hesitate any longer, here are some songs for you to enjoy this weekend. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).

“Good Morning” GIRL FRIEND Aside from being the hardest band to Google anything about (you want “lyrics good morning girl friend?” Here are 3.9 billion results that aren’t what you’re looking for!) Girl Friend’s EP “Weekend Soulmate” is a dancey-disco collection of songs that will completely liberate you from needing the company of any other human being. Instead of writing the typical boy-meets-girl love songs, this is a collection of songs about thoroughly enjoying the time you spend with yourself. The EP begins with “Good Morning,” “Wake up to the radio, stretch and yawn it’s good to know you’re on your own today, there’s no need to roll your eyes, make accentuated sighs, so happy today.” And while there’s obviously hints throughout that maybe there was some sort of heartache, no one’s complaining about it. So this weekend, cook naked in the kitchen with the blinds open and wave to the caaaaaars going by. “There’s no frown, your hands are unbound.” (PS we shared “Arrive Alone, Leave Alone” back in August).


“Prudence” The Bulls In advance of The Bulls frontwoman’s (Anna Bulbrook) inaugural “GIRLSCHOOL Field Day Weekend” in LA at the end of this month, The Bulls have released this single. Following suit with the sound from their “Small Problems” EP, this true to shoegaze release recalls the feeling a lot of people have about growing up– while we’re advancing professionally and moving ultimately toward a life of more luxury than we’ve ever had in our lives, we still seek the simple comforts of our younger years. Growing up is hard.


“Black Wine” Ripsy May This is a pretty groovy debut single from an artist we’ve heard nothing from before, musically or otherwise. Pair that with an equally rad (but kind of creepy?) music video, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re excited to hear what comes next for Ripsy May.



“Clay feat. Marina Price” Manatee Commune If you need something to just hardcore chill to this weekend, it turns out that manatees are just as chill in the music world as are in the wild. A bouncy, happy beat, topped with lovely vocal accompaniment, you’ll feel like maybe you’re stuck in one of the happier levels of Super Mario with Princess Peach serenading you from the top of the castle you’re about to climb.


“French Class” BLAJK If you’re obsessed with M83, you’ll love this. All the feels of “Midnight City” with more robust and prominent vocals.

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