5 Songs for the Weekend 1.22.2016

So, from what I hear, it got really cold in the Midwest. The kind of cold that makes me want to go to the beach and swim in the winter ocean here in LA because it’ll feel toasty warm after just looking at the temperatures in the snapchats from my friends back home. So if you’re in the Midwest, I hope you stayed warm. And because you probably won’t leave the house, I’ll post some songs for the weekend here, right here, accessible to you from your desktop computer, tablet, or phone, for you to listen to in the house. Sound cool? Cool. I meant warm. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).

“River” BISHOP If you created a love child between Christina Aguilera and Hozier, and made her write and sing a song, it would sound exactly like this debut single from Bishop. Gothic bluesy guitar with terrific, raw percussion elements, some pop through the choruses, and all the gutsy vocal prowess of  someone who’s been around the block a few times, this is a track that truly defies labels and transcends into itself. For a debut, that’s pretty impressive. We’re definitely keeping a close watch on what’s next for Bishop.



“Sight Unseen (Unplugged)” The Shadow Heist It’s like they said in “Step Brothers,” ‘Can you imagine if we had The Shadow Heist when we were 12? Even better, we have them when we’re 24!” I’m pretty sure it went like that, exactly. But back to the point, The Shadow Heist is like some unholy reincarnation of all the best punk rock bands from the 2000’s. They have two current EPs, “Selfless” and “Cut and Run,” and unplugged versions of their “Selfless” tracks. The EPs you can imagine moshing and swaying to in a huge crowd, and unplugged you see yourself being serenaded on the pier overlooking a California sunset. Either way, perfection.



“Crave” ANIMA! “Please excuse me Sir, could you spare some change? Every day I get up and it’s all the same.” What kind of song starts like that!? One that sets an impossibly high standard for itself, and continues to meet and exceed that standard until the end. That’s what kind of song. “Crave” is the standout track from ANIMA!’s debut album, “ANIMA!” and well worth all the hype. The entire album is riddled with little gems and every time you listen, you pick up on new lines you’ll want to fill your Twitter with. Plus the name ANIMA! is just fun to look at!



“The Ransom” Catey Shaw We really like Catey Shaw here at The Sundaze. The enthusiastic singer of what should be everyone in college’s life anthem, “Run, Run, Run,” as well as “Brooklyn Girls,” “Human Contact,” and a killer cover of “Fortunate Son,” comes hard and fast at us again with “The Ransom.” Following suit with the rest of her music, it’s a little in your face, unapologetically real, upbeat but not overwhelmingly cheery, and just generally bullshit free. This girl sings the truth, and we’re definitely listening.



“Bullet From The Gun” Tigertown Here’s your indie pop feel good dancey song for the weekend. A killer debut from the Australian band Tigertown, it’s upbeat enough to mosh around the house to and just complex to make you really think about it for a while. Dance the cold away!

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