Winter Skincare Essentials

One of my new year’s resolutions at the end of December was to blog more. January is now almost over and this is my first post of 2016. Oops.

Anyway, today I present you with my favorite skincare products this winter. My skin is dry (especially this time of year), acne prone, and fairly sensitive, so most of these products are extremely hydrating and gentle.  This selection features a range of inexpensive and luxury products.

  1. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: These are my favorite facial wipes–and I’ve tried a lot of different ones! They have a very subtle, spa-like, non-offensive scent, they are gentle, they don’t sting my eyes, they don’t leave my face feeling tight and stripped, and they do a great job at removing makeup – even dark eye makeup. On an average light makeup day, I use the next product only to cleanse, but on days when I’m wearing more makeup, I use a Simple wipe first.
  2. Philosophy “Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser”: Most cleansers leave my skin feeling really tight and uncomfortable, but this one is actually moisturizing! It can break down makeup and cleanse the skin in one step, which is great because then I don’t have to do multiple cleanses. And for me and my skin, less is definitely more. Also, who even has time to cleanse twice?
  3. Origins “GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream”: I got this sample size as a 100 point perk at Sephora and it has lasted such a long time! Eye cream is definitely a fancy extra step for me, and I probably won’t purchase the full size of this when the sample runs out, but I do really like it. It’s a great way for me to squeeze more moisture into my face during this dry, harsh time of year.
  4. First Aid Beauty “Ultra Repair Cream”: This is a great thick moisturizer. I mostly use this at night with my serum, but sometimes I even use it in the daytime if I’m feeling extra dry. Leaves my face looking dewy and fresh! It also appreciate that it has no fragrance, as scents often irritate my skin.
  5. The Body Shop “Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer SPF 30”: My everyday face cream with sun protection. This really has helped my dry, dull skin look more radiant. It has a slight fresh fragrance, nothing offensive or irritating. And it acts as a great base for foundation. Will repurchase for sure!
  6. The Body Shop “Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil”: I’ve recently become obsessed with beauty oils, and this serum-in-oil is no exception. As expected by the name, I use this before bed, sometimes in tandem with my FAB cream. I put two drops on my forehead, two on each cheek, and one on my chin, and press gently into my face with my fingers. Very hydrating and luxurious feeling! I also love the subtle, fresh scent.
  7. Trader Joe’s Spa “100% Pure Jojoba Oil”: This is an awesome multi-purpose product! I use it all over my body to moisturize, or mixed with lotion. If my hair is dry I slap on some jojoba oil and leave it on overnight. If my heels are dry I rub my feet with it, put on some socks, and let it soak in overnight. But my main use of this is oil is in my foundation! I mix one or two drops with my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation every morning to give it a slightly more dewy finish. Like I said, any chance to add more moisture to my routine, I take!
  8. Burt’s Bees “Beeswax Lip Balm” in Peppermint: My favorite lip balm ever, not just during winter. I have two major problems with lip balms. Some just sit on the surface of the lips without penetrating and actually hydrating, and some absorb too quickly and leave the lips even drier than before. Burt’s Bees is a classic for a reason. It’s suuuper moisturizing. Overnight chapped lip fix. I couldn’t wear matte lipstick in the winter without this baby.
  9. Trader Joe’s “Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm”: This is the newest discovery on the list, and another multi-purpose product from Trader Joe’s. When I don’t have a Burt’s Bees chapstick on me, I slap a ton of this on my lips. I also put it on any super dry patches on my face (around my mouth or nose typically). I also use this balm on my elbows and hands before bed.

And those are my winter skincare must-haves! If you’re struggling with dry skin this season, these products will definitely help you out. Thanks for reading!

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