Music for the Weekend 3.3.2016

I have been so MIA lately it’s not even funny. But as it turns out, if you work really hard and spend a lot of time and energy doing something, it usually pays off. And in my case, it did. So I apologize sincerely for my absence, but know that I’m coming back full force now, as things begin to settle back in. But just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been consuming the same obscene amount of music that I normally do. I’ve found a lot of really cool things since I last shared, so instead of limiting my selection to just five songs, I’m going to throw so much great stuff at you right now you won’t even know how to handle yourselves. Just, music for the weekend. So here we go, a collection of things that got me through job hunting, work stress, life stress, and the good times, too. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here). (I’ve also started madly organizing my Spotify collection here.)


 “Sally” Bibi Bourelly

The song that reminded me that there are people out there who don’t have you and your best interests at heart, and that’s OK, because we’ll always have twerking.

“Jusfayu” KAMAU ft. No Wyld

This one is a great reminder that sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you do, some people will just never, ever, be happy. 

“I Don’t Even Care About You” MISSIO

Self-explanatory. F*ck all the haters, I did it just for you and you just don’t care, and then, I don’t even care about you. Done, and, done.

“Get Up” Dorothy

And once you’re down, there’s only one thing to do: Get. Up.



“Wild Child” Cardiknox

The song I kept requesting at bars on the weekends. It’s the best stress-relief you could get, it literally just reminds you how great life is, how much fun having fun really is, and how even when things are going wrong, there’s always a way to have a blast. Get ready to dance.

“Ocean” Boy Kiss Girl

The song that, no matter my mood, always got a headbob and a smile from me. It’s dance-y, hopeful, sweet, and beautiful in its simplicity. Plus it’s about the ocean, and I have this crazy theory that it’s actually impossible to be sad when you’re thinking about the ocean.

Lissie “My Wild West”

I downloaded this whole album on a whim as I was boarding an airplane to Seattle, having not heard of Lissie before (but being drawn to the title of the album). I have never, ever, been more instantly connected to an album as I have to this. It’s almost like she’s singing about my life. “I haven’t lost my hope, even though I am so far from my home, I’ve been living life on the edge, slip and fall if I take one more step, there’s safety in numbers I guess, but I’m going rouge in the wild wild west…” I mean, the girl’s from the Midwest and came to LA to pursue her dreams, she gets knocked down, she gets back up again. (Is she actually me?) 


Wolfmother “Victorious”

I’d like to credit Wolfmother with granting me all the confidence I needed to do everything I’ve done in the past weeks. If listening to “Victorious” doesn’t get you JACKED, then the video definitely will. The entire album is the kind of high energy rock music that you can run miles and miles to, but also the kind of music to pregame to, to shotgun shit cans with your friends to, and the kind of music that will get you out of bed and headbanging at any ungodly early hour you can imagine. 



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