A Chicago comedy show for every day this week

"Peach on Earth" - Sunday, May 1st at Under The Gun Theater | Photo curtesy of Sketch-Time Continuum

Chicago: the city where you can find quality and affordable live comedy every night of the week. Here are my top picks for this week:

MONDAY, 4/25
Improvised Mythology, The Beat Lounge, 10:30pm
Beginning with an existential question from the audience, the cast of Improvised Mythology invokes the gods for an answer, creating a fully improvised fantastical tale involving a host of characters including mortals, monsters, gods, and nobles.
Tickets are $13 and available at SecondCity.com

Chuckle F*ckers, The Annoyance Theater, 9:30pm
Improv, sketch, stand-up, and more- have it all at this variety show. With new acts every four weeks, you’ll want to keep coming back.
Tickets are $5 and available at TheAnnoyance.com

pH Stand-Up Showcase, pH Theater, 9:30pm
A BYOB indie stand-up showcase with some of the best Chicagoland talent. Grab some friends and a case of PBR’s and end your hump day on an upswing.
Tickets are $5 and available at whatisph.com

Buzzed Broadway, Laugh Out Loud Theater, 8pm
One part music improv, one part drinking game, all parts comedy! Witness a musical created before your very eyes and ears as the cast performs melodies, harmonies, and even dance numbers made up on the spot.
Tickets are $15 and available at LaughOutLoudTheater.com

FRIDAY, 4/29
RejecTED TALKS, Under The Gun Theater, 7:30pm
Several comedic geniuses will “flawlessly” present on a topic using colleague-created slides that they’ve never seen before. Friday is the last night of this run, so don’t miss your chance to witness the “Ideas Worth Less”.
Tickets are $12 and available at UnderTheGunTheater.com

ComedySportz, CSz Theater, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm
Saturdays offer THREE chances to see the Downtown Chicago Bosses take on another team in Chicago’s best competitive comedy show. This is ‘clean’ fun so feel free to take your kids and grandma- just buy your tickets in advance as they often sell out.
Tickets are $25 and available at CSzChicago.com

Peach on Earth, Under The Gun Theater, 9pm
Let Sketch-Time Continuum take you to church with a play that explores the idea of a video game as the basis for an entire religion. Don’t miss this one-night only special service.
Tickets are $12 and available at UnderTheGunTheater.com

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