5 Songs for the Weekend 5.6.2016

I live (relatively to most of you, probably) very close to the border of Mexico. I wish I could tell you that I celebrated relatively harder for Cinco de Mayo because of that fact, but I didn’t. I stayed in drank wine (gasp!) from a coffee mug, and got work done. Because I’m no longer human, I’m a robot programmed to get shit done and be motivated all the time. But it’s cool because in my robot form, I still like to listen to music and talk about it on the Internet. So here are some songs for the weekend to get you over and above your 6th of May hangover. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).


Bonzai “Where Are U Now” First of all, I’d like to recommend you listen to this song through headphones. It’s just that this song sounds really cool in the intimate setting of your ear holes. But regardless of listening medium, this is the song you’ll just have to keep listening to on repeat all weekend. Because you’ll listen to it and think, “Well that was neat,” and you’ll go about your day, but you’ll think about it sooner or later and wonder, “Was that song as cool as I thought it was?” And you’ll listen again and realize that yes, it is indeed, as cool as you thought it was. And you’ll have to repeat this process over and over and I’m sorry but I’ve been doing this for a whole week and you’ll just have to find time to do it too. Not. Sorry.


Charlotte Day Wilson “Work” There’s nothing flashy about this song, but that’s what makes it so beautiful. In its simplicity you find raw honesty, the kind of brutal truth it takes guts to spill, that will linger in the back of your mind and make you questions everything you thought you knew about relationships and loving. Plus Wilson’s soulful vocals and the slow blues and choir backup in the background will make you take a moment to reflect wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.


Ardyn “Over The River” What starts gently and thoughtfully turns quickly into something more like a quiet anthem before the first verse turns. Deeply layered vocal loops, a simple but intriguing piano bit, and a marching-pace percussion beat come together to create a a song that really sounds like something a little different than the mainstream.


Daniel Wilson “Wedding Daze” Aside from being a song about one of the most terrifying concepts I can imagine (marriage… *shudders*) “Wedding Daze” has a truly unique and ear-catching quality that goes far beyond the lyrical theme of the song. The first draw is, well, the opening sound. With an almost carnival-like quality, the brassy-electronic beat carries throughout the entirety of the song, and combined with Wilson’s dynamic vocals (falsetto included!), creates a really unique musical experience.


Bloodboy “Human Female” This song is basically the song about everybody aged 23-25’s life. “You’re still alive, and you still don’t know why.” “You wanted to be lost until you were really lost.” “You run, but you hope they find you, before the bridge falls and you have no way across.” I mean, how much more accurately can you describe the mid-youth crisis? It’s like if Lana del Rey sang about her life in a more relatable way, to be honest. This song and its theme are that good. That good.

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