5 Songs for the Weekend 5.27.2016

It’s nearly halfway through 2016 and I still have to correct myself every time I type the title of these blog posts with “2015.” Oh well, what are you gonna do. The good news is, in between binge listening to podcast after podcast (cough, cough Limetown, The Black Tapes, and Unexplained),  I’ve actually dug up some really great music for this beautiful long holiday weekend. So whether you’re travelling home and need something to jam to on the road or in the air, or staying home and want a fresh new grilling on the patio playlist, this weekend playlist is a solid addition. (Stream these songs, and the rest of the music from The Sundaze at Sound Cloud. Link to the “2nd 100” playlist here).


CRUISR “The Fritz” CRUISR (who I saw open for PVRIS on their North American headline tour this past Monday) bring you the perfect sunny spring day single with “The Fritz.” It’s beachy rock-pop music, perfect for grilling, bonfires, long walks on the beach, and of course, my favorite, dancing. Catch them live on tour if you can! (Plus PVRIS is the most rad, AND Lydia opens as well, it’s literally the perfect combination).


Lewis Lane “Hunter” Although the “Take EP” was released 5 months ago, per recommendation of a friend, I was turned on to Lewis Lane this past week, and the haunting, soulful, beautifully entrancing collection of songs was enough to get me hooked. Lane’s mystifying voice carries flawlessly through the entire EP, but “Hunter” is mysterious and bluesy, and the perfect nightcap after a long summer night.


Elohim “Sensations” I’ve actually been obsessed with all of Elohim’s self-titled debut album, “Elohim” this week, but “Sensations” takes the cake as the stand out track this round. The vocals, chilling lyricism, and just the perfect upbeat to start a good tempo run to, this song is a staple for driving down PCH late at night, coming home from a beachy bonfire and really absorbing the good vibes of the night.


Gersey “It All Means Nothing” It’s a slow, sad song, the kind of song you want to cry to, to bury your face in your pillows and just sob to. But it’s beautiful, a beautiful bummer song, and the one you’ll want for the end of your “spring fling” or even to wind down to at the end of a long, exhausting day. 


Astronautalis “Running Away From God” Astronautilis, a Minnesota native (!!!) is one of my longest-term favorite rappers. His discography goes way back, but “This is Our Science” was the real hook, line, and sinker for me. However, earlier this month, he released “Cut The Body Loose,” which, in my humble opinion, is his best work to date. I love “SIKE!” but there’s something just to catchy about “Running Away From God,” it’s a little rough, a little raw, and wildly unrefined, but that’s really what makes Astronautalis so special. 

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